FC designer Brooks Stevens on auto design post WWII

Post date: Jul 8, 2013 2:37:45 PM

In 1942, visionary Forward Control designer Brooks Stevens imagined for Popular Mechanics magazine what the consumer auto market might evolve into after World War II.

Note his take on the future of Jeeps:

"It is entirely possible that a civilian version of the army jeep might be a most acceptable and desirable piece of transportation equipment. Conservatively styled versions of this jeep could be manufactured during the war to fill necessary civilian needs. This conservatively styled model, in both open and closed types, could be executed with simple tooling and a minimum of fabrication expense, yet it could have pleasing lines within these limitations.

The civilian jeep could then be projected into a postwar “victory car” in a more completely styled form. This model will take on graceful lines through the elimination of fenders and stressing of longer and more sweeping lines in an effort to make up in appearance for a short wheelbase. This car would have maneuverability, reasonable speed, greatly increased operating economy, and could be moderately priced. The trend toward simplicity will do much in connection with initial cost, yet predictions on cost are dangerous because of the unknown economic results of the war."

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