Jeep FC-150 Specs

Willys Forward Control Jeep Specifications

The Willys Forward Control (FC) Jeep is a series of cab-over-engine trucks that were produced by Willys Motors (later Kaiser Jeep) from 1956 to 1965. The unique feature of the FC Jeeps was their cab-over-engine design, meaning the driver and passengers sat above the engine, maximizing cargo space within a compact footprint.

There were several models in the FC series, and specifications can vary between them. Here are some general specifications for the Willys Forward Control Jeep FC-150:

Jeep FC-150
Paint colors shown: Plantation White & President Red
*Approximately 14,980 FC-150's were produced between 1957-1961.

Hurricane F-134

The Willys F4-134 Hurricane was an inline-4 piston engine and powered the famous Jeep CJ in the CJ-3B, CJ-5, and CJ-6 models.

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