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Needed PartsImportanceStatus
Needed PartsImportanceStatus
Thermostat Got It Installed (Rock Auto) 
Windshield Got It Installed (SSG) 
Distributor Cap, Rotor & Condensor Got It Installed (Rock Auto) 
Heater/Defrost Duct Got It Installed (NAPA) 
Radiator Cap Got It Installed (Rock Auto) 
Spark Plugs Got It Installed (NAPA) 
Wiper Blades Got It Installed (Advance Auto) 
Fuel Pump w/Vacuum Got It Installed (Advance Auto) 
Rear View Mirror Need It Looking 
Passenger Side Mirror Need It Looking 
Floor Mats Nice to Have Located Source 
Ashtray Nice to Have Looking 
Set of Interior Decals Nice to Have Located Source 
Headliner Want It Looking, Might Fabricate Myself 
Radio Want It Looking 
Door Molding Want It Located Source 
Showing 16 items